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Apr 29, 2015


16 Essential Qualities Of A Good Dentist For Children

Finding a pediatric dentist in Kolkata is hardly a tough ask. There are multiple dental clinics in virtually every locality, with many of them actually specializing in pediatric dentistry. However, not all of them are equally good – and the ..

Apr 22, 2015


Want Whiter Teeth? Follow These 15 Tips!

Having pearly white, evenly spaced teeth can add that extra bit to your child’s self-confidence. In addition, a good-looking set of teeth makes his/her smiles more beautiful and charming too. However, not every kid has nice and white teeth, with ..

Apr 9, 2015


Busted! 15 Common Myths About Dental Health

In India, pediatric dentistry is one of the most neglected aspects of child healthcare. Instead of consulting qualified dentists, many parents try to solve gum and teeth problems of their children at home. More often than not, such DIY home ..