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Tooth Abnormal Shape

Everyone dreams to have that perfectly set of pearly white teeth, radiating brilliance with every smile. Unfortunately, your child might have unevenness and/or other abnormalities in his/her dental structure - lending the mouth an overall awkward appearance. There is no need to be too distressed by this frequently reported pediatric dentistry problem though...for Confidental Care is the best clinic to rectify all types of tooth abnormal shapes. Get an appointment...and allow us to set your kid's teeth right!

Common Confusions Regarding Tooth Abnormal Shape

Please note that professional dental clinics across India treat problems related to 'mulberry teeth', 'peg teeth' and 'conical teeth'. All the three refer to abnormalities of some type or the other in the dental structure of children. Parents often make the mistake of thinking that they are different oral complaints.

Are Dental Abnormalities Limited To Only The Shape Of Tooth?

Not at all. As a result of poor oral hygiene, or due to medical conditions and other causes, the following dental irregularities can also occur:

  • Delayed or non-formation of permanent teeth.
  • Widely spaced teeth.
  • Brown/Dark brown tooth stains (often an indicator of dental cavity).
  • Chipped or broken tooth, leading to severe dental trauma.

All of the above oral ailments are treated at our top-ranked dental care hospital in Kolkata. All that you need to do is book an online appointment and come along with your child.

What Causes Tooth Abnormal Shape?

Let us, for the moment, focus on probable abnormalities in only the shape of tooth/teeth. Such problems can occur due to:

  • Nance-Horan syndrome, which causes additional sets of teeth to appear. Such conditions are more commonly known as 'peg teeth'.
  • Defects in the chromosomal structure of children. Clinically known as Down Syndrome, such irregularities affect mental stability and growth as well - in addition to causing uneven growth of teeth.
  • Advanced cases of cerebral palsy.
  • Abnormal structure of the collarbones, along with (in most instances) protruding jaws.

Among adults, congenital syphilis is a STD that can bring about irregularities in the dental shape. At our Kolkata dental clinic, we have also treated cases of abnormally-shaped teeth in kids suffering from Ellis van Creveld syndrome.

Diagnostic Tests Required Prior To Treatment

For more than 90% of kids coming to Confidental with abnormal tooth shape complaints, a preliminary dental x-ray is prescribed. In case there are accompanying pains, blood/pus discharges and inflammation, our endodontists in Kolkata also suggest certain other scans and tests. The reports help in detecting the presence of tooth and gum infections, if any.

Factors To Consider Before Treating Tooth Shape Abnormalities

Confidental Care Clinic, Kolkata, has always been about providing long-term relief to all forms of pediatric dentistry problems. Treatment of tooth abnormal shape is not an exception to this policy either. Prior to determining the best way to set the tooth/teeth right, our dental surgeons factor in the following things:

  • Time and order in which the permanent teeth appear.
  • Toothaches and fuzzy sensations in the gum, indicating spacing problems.
  • Overall medical history of the child. This information helps in:
    • Detecting probable causes of the tooth shape abnormality.
    • Finding which form of treatment/dental restoration will be the most effective.

How Do We Rectify Tooth Abnormal Shape?

Irregularities and unevenness in the dental structure are treated in a systematic manner by the dental treatment practitioners at Confidental. The following are generally used to gradually rectify the abnormalities in the tooth/teeth shape:

  • Crowns and bridges.
  • Dental fillings.
  • Braces.
  • Dental restoration surgery.

Our treatment procedure is focused on a) correcting the appearance of your child's teeth, and b) ensuring that his oral health remains high.

Trivia: A special form of tooth abnormal shape is called Hutchinson Incisors.

Book an appointment at our Kolkata clinic if you suspect that there are problems with the structure of your kid's teeth. Every parent wishes that their children would have the 'perfect' smiles...and Confidental makes these dreams come true. Easily.

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