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Dental Treatments At CONFIDENTAL

Check out the types of oral care services you can avail of at our dental clinic

Dental Restorations

Our in-house dentists specialize in all types of direct and indirect dental restorations. At Confidental, we have the latest surgical facilities and resources. Right from Class I restorations to Class VI restorations - Confidental has the necessary facilities for them all.

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Dental Implants

At our dental clinic, you can bring along your child for temporary or permanent implants. The success rate of dental implant surgeries at Confidental is over 98%. It's not for nothing we are regarded as the best dental clinic in India.

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Root Canal Treatment

For removal of natural cavity spots in the central area of teeth, along with treatment of damaged tooth pulp and nerves, get in touch with us. We regularly perform root canal treatment operations (and further dental restorations, if required).

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Gum Treatment

Guided tissue regeneration, flap surgery and soft tissue grafts are some of the frequently conducted gum treatment procedures at Confidental. Our in-house dentists have ample experience in providing non-surgical gum treatment solutions too.

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Crowns & Bridges

To prevent an already weak tooth getting further damaged, we put on dental crowns (available in various types). In case your child has a gap in his/her teeth, don't worry - for we can easily use dental bridges to bring back the magic to the little one's smiles.

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Dental Bleaching

Confidental makes your kid's teeth brighter and more beautiful, with sophisticated and completely secure teeth whitening and dental bleaching procedures. At our dental counselling sessions, tips are given for keeping the whiteness of teeth intact as well.

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Oral dentures

For kids, our dentists mostly use partial oral dentures as replacements for missing tooth/set of teeth. In select cases, we have performed complete oral denture surgeries too. Dental implants are often used as a backup option, if dentures are not required.

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Dental Scaling

State-of-the-art ultrasonic medical equipments are used at Confidental, for dental scaling. We make sure that no food extracts and/or plaque bacteria remain in your child's gums - once the scaling is complete. Local anesthesia is used for this treatment procedure.

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Dental Extractions

To keep dental health levels high, our dental experts perform tooth extractions. Once you are at Confidental, our oral surgeons will diagnose the precise nature of the problem that your child is facing. The dental extraction plans are chalked out accordingly.

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Mouth Ulcers

All forms of Herpetiform and other major mouth ulcers are treated at Confidental. Corticosteroid ointments are generally prescribed to get rid of ulcers, while proper methods of mouth rinsing are shared. Within a week, we can make any mouth ulcer go away.

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Swollen Gums

Is your kid suffering from swollen, sore and frequently bleeding gums? At Confidental, we have gum care experts on hand to show you the correct dental flossing techniques. Gum infections (periodontitis) and gingivitis are treated regularly at our dental clinic in Kolkata.

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Dental Caries

Custom dental filling surgeries are carried out at Confidental, to get rid of caries - an extremely common oral problem in school-going kids. Our treatment procedures ensure that tooth enamels are not damaged and cavities are removed.

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In case the thumsucking habit of your kid does not go away after (s)he is 6-7, contact us immediately. We have simple yet effective ways to help children get rid of this habit - so that bigger oral problems (lisps, buck teeth, etc.) do not crop up.

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Dental Plaque

To remove dental plaques due to bacteria formation on teeth, we generally make use of medically approved dental sealants. Our dentists offer handy dietary advice too, to minimize the chances of plaque-formation. Confidental would never let your child suffer from tooth decay!

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Treatment For Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Dental crowns are generally used to treat baby bottle tooth decay - a dental problem caused by sugary liquids - at Confidental. Laser dental surgery methods are applied to tackle advanced cases of such baby bottle/nursing decays.

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Teeth Malocclusion

Right from misplaced midlines and upper protrusions, to problematic teeth spacing leading to bad bites - all forms of teeth malocclusion are treated with care at Confidental. We have surgeons qualified and well-experienced for performing Type I, II and III malocclusion surgeries.

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Tooth Abscess

Bacterial infections can lead to unbearable toothaches. This dental malady, clinically known as tooth abscess, is completely cured at our oral treatment center. We make sure that there are no chances of tissue inflammations and other infections during the recovery period.

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Widely Spaced Teeth

Feel that the teeth alignment of your child is not quite right? Contact our pediatric dentists immediately! We will perform in-depth dental x-rays to diagnose the problem - and make your kid's smile as bright and beautiful as you had ever wanted it to be.

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Breath Odor

You can bid a fun-filled goodbye to halitosis (i.e., bad breath) problems, once you avail our dental care services. Gum problems, which is the most common cause for unpleasant mouth odors, are treated by our dentists. A wide range of mouth infections can give rise to this problem too.

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Dental X-rays

We have started using the new digital imaging methods for more accurate dental x-rays than ever before. In order to find out the nature and extent of dental/gum damage, both intraoral and extraoral x-ray tests are performed here. We test the little ones' teeth from every necessary angle.

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Mouth Sores

Usage of branded antimicrobial mouthwashes is advised by our in-house clinic dentists, to cure mouth sores. To keep the gum/mouth wall inflammation under control, corticosteroids are also prescribed. We generally stay away from potentially harmful painkillers.

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Dental Trauma

Confidental has internationally recognized dentists who are experts at treating traumatic oral injuries. From chipped tooth to tooth dislodgement - every form of sports/impact-related dental injuries are operated upon by our qualified endodontists.

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Treatment Of Bleeding Gums

Accumulation of unhealthy sulfuric compounds on the tooth (generally due to inadequate brushing) can lead to formation of anaerobic bacteria. That, in turn, results in unpleasant mouth odors and intermittently bleeding gums. We make sure that no child suffers this problem for extended periods.

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Impacted Tooth

At Confidental, we often treat cases of abnormal( 'impacted' ) growth of wisdom teeth. Our dental extraction surgeons generally remove the impacted tooth, while ensuring that the overall teeth-spacing is not affected. Preliminary dental x-rays are also conducted.

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Tooth Abnormal Shape

Our dental care services include thorough oral diagnosis of children who have irregularities/deformities in their teeth. Nance-Horan syndrome and Turner Tooth are some of the most common causes of abnormal tooth shaping. Once the cause is determined, the best dental care procedure is determined.

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Easily the most common pediatric dentistry problem, and the most tricky one as well. It takes the skills of the best dentists to find out whether toothaches are being caused by dental fractures, tooth abscesses, decays, or any other issues. If left untreated, toothaches can become unbearable.

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Delayed Tooth Formation

Our orthodontic surgeons look into problems related to delayed tooth formation in infants. If your li'l one is of 8-9 months and is yet to get his/her first tooth - book an appointment at our dental clinic. Negligence on this count can result in some teeth never getting formed.

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