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Oral Dentures

It's an absolute myth that only people of advanced years require oral dentures. Dentures come in handy for replacing/covering up missing tooth and/or misaligned teeth for kids as well. At our dental care clinic in Kolkata, we set up oral dentures to restore damaged mouth tissues too. In most cases, using dentures at an early stage reduces the necessity of complicated dental surgeries in future.

Types Of Oral Dentures

Partial dentures are used for most cases by the practitioners at our paediatric dentistry clinic. These dentures are recommended when there is a problem with a single tooth/set of teeth - and the other teeth are not affected. However, we do conduct complete denture set-up operations too, for cases where the dental health of the entire gum and teeth of kids have been affected. However, such cases are comparatively rare.

Oral Denture Treatment At Confidental

Two alternative types of oral denture setup procedures are conducted at our dental center in Kolkata. These are:

i) Immediate Dentures -For these type of dentures, a single appointment at Confidental would suffice. Our dental experts take jaw measurements, and insert the denture(s) on the same day of the removal of tooth/teeth. There is no need (except for exceptions) to be without teeth during this procedure. Precautionary dental and jaw realignment is also done, if required.

ii) Conventional Dentures -Among our patients, relatively more children require conventional dentures. This treatment requires multiple visits, and includes the following:

(a) Removal of tooth, following dental x-rays.

(b) Waiting period of 12-16 weeks, during which the gum tissue gets fully healed.

(c) Insertion of the denture(s).

Both conventional and immediate dentures are removable in nature, to suit the convenience of the wearer.

Note: In addition to the two processes mentioned above, we also use 'overdentures' (along with dental implants) in select cases, when the safety of the other teeth is at stake. Confidental is one of the first dental clinics in Eastern India to start using 'overdentures' for saving the teeth of kids.

Adhesives Used For Fitting Oral Dentures

Over 80% of oral dentures are fitted at our clinic by using powder adhesives. The greater ease with which dentures inserted in that way can be cleaned is the prime reason for that. However, for certain instances (when powder adhesives won't be effective), pastes are used as the dental adhesive. Generally, three strips of adhesives are enough for fitting oral dentures properly.

Our paediatric dentistry team have several years of experience in overseeing denture insertion procedures. Apart from ensuring that the right type of dental adhesive is chosen for your kid, they are extremely careful about the amount of adhesive used. You need not lose your sleep over that!

How Are Oral Dentures Prepared?

Living up to its billing as the top-ranked dental clinic in India, Confidental uses dentures of international quality for all cases. Our dentures are prepared via the following steps:

(a) First, the space between the jawbones is measured. Our dentists refer to dental x-ray reports to create impressions of the jaw.

(b) A 'model' or 'sample' oral denture is made (either of plastic or wax). We will try the model denture on your child's teeth, to make sure that it fits perfectly. The color of the denture is assessed too at this stage. After all, the denture should appear natural.

(c) Once all the trials are complete, the final denture(s) are prepared and inserted.

You will have to visit our dental clinic a few times after the dentures have been inserted. We will check whether any further adjustments are necessary. The correct methods of rinsing oral dentures will also be explained at this stage. For the first couple of weeks, we generally advise parents to make their kids wear dentures round-the-clock. As they grow comfortable and the gum tissues heal, the denture can be taken off at night.

A properly fitted, high-quality oral denture can help in restoring the oral health of your kid. Book an appointment at Confidental, and let us make sure that missing teeth do not pose a major problem.

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