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Privacy Policy

At Confidental, our focus is on delivering the most personalized pediatric dental and gum care solutions to you. The day-to-day operations at our Kolkata clinic are carried out in accordance to a pre-specified set of terms of usage. In addition, we also follow a detailed, all-encompassing privacy policy - as explained here:

Data Collected By Confidental Care

At the time of booking an appointment or contacting our representatives, you will be required to provide the following information:

Please note that, we would confirm your appointment via phone or email. Kindly do not make any mistakes while providing such information.

The personal information provided by you are stored in the secure database of our dental checkup and treatment center in Kolkata. Our clinic does not use any data for commercial purposes. We take proper care to rule out unauthorized access of user-provided data.

When Would Confidental Get In Touch With You?

The information you provide is used by the staff at our Kolkata dental clinic to keep you updated regarding appointments and other issues. We will send you emails, or call you to:

You will never receive general promotional/spam calls from Confidental Care. We contact you...for the sole purpose of maintaining your dental health.

Use Of Cookies By The Confidental Website

When you visit the website of our tooth and gum clinic in Kolkata, cookies are placed in your browser window. Kindly note that these internet cookies are used only to 'identify' you as our client - and provide you a more personalized experience on our website. We strongly recommend you to not delete the cookies after visiting our website. No other information is collected by the cookies without your permission.

Note: To enhance your convenience, we have not included any registration/login requirements in our portal. Provided that you do not regularly remove cookies, our website will be able to 'recognize' you, every time.

Kindly note that when you provide your personal information on our 'Contact Us'/ 'Book An Appointment' page, you do so out of your own free will. There is no COMPULSION to avail our services - although our patients affirm that Confidental is indeed the top dental clinic in Kolkata.

The data you provide (including your precise nature of oral problem(s), the treatment procedure you opt for, and the payments you make) is safe in our hands. Contact us without any apprehensions whatsoever - and let us help make your teeth lovely and healthy like never before!

About Us

Confidental (estd. 2014) is an end-to-end dental care service provider. Located at Kolkata, India, the clinic boasts of advanced setup, top-notch facilities, and round-the-clock availability of a team of qualified Indian dentists. We promise...BETTER SMILES!

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