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Dental Extractions

Living with a consistently, and unbearably, painful tooth is extremely stressful. Taking OTC painkillers, more often than not, provide only temporary relief - and in most cases, getting rid of the problematic tooth becomes the only option. And that's precisely where the dental extraction services of Confidental Care (Kolkata) come into the picture.

Why Might A Dental Extraction Become Necessary?

Serious cavity attacks, which cannot be stifled by general dental restoration procedures, render tooth extraction as the sole way to do away with the problem. Other circumstances under which a kid's tooth/teeth have to be removed include:

  • Serious dental trauma and fractures (revealed by dental x-rays).
  • Dental infections (which cannot be cured by antibiotics or root canal treatment).
  • Tooth loosening, caused by certain forms of gum diseases.
  • Regular inflammations, swelling and gum bleeding.
  • Presence of multiple dental roots.

When Should You Consider Dental Extraction?

If your child has been complaining of any of the following symptoms for several weeks, get in touch with a renowned pediatric dentistry clinic:

  • Severe toothaches
  • Oversensitivity in the teeth, causing bad bites.
  • Looseness of gums.
  • Gum bleeding and other discharges.
  • Nausea and fever (often a symptom of dental infections).
  • Formation of blood clots and dry sockets.

What Are The Types Of Dental Extraction Possible?

Confidental, the leading dental care clinic in India, offers two alternative options for tooth extraction:

Firstly, there is the option of surgical extraction. Our dental surgeons use the latest tools and equipments to section/divide the impacted tooth into 2/4 pieces, and then remove it. Removal of wisdom tooth is a classic example of this procedure. Incision(s) are also made in the soft tissue, if required. Local anesthesia is applied before the operation - so that your little one does not feel a thing.

Secondly, we can also go with non-surgical treatment, if the tooth/teeth is not too damaged - and can be pulled out without causing any damage to the gums. We have the best dental experts at our clinic, which makes it easy to take the right call regarding which type of tooth extraction method should be followed.

Note: Non-surgical dental extraction is also often done as a preliminary step for orthodontia (i.e., teeth realignment and smile designing).

Tests Conducted Prior To Dental Extractions

We at Confidental believe in taking no chances whatsoever in any of our pediatric dentistry services. Once you book an appointment for a tooth-removal, the following tests will be conducted on your child:

  • Liver test.
  • General orthopaedic tests (particularly the joints).
  • Bacterial endocarditis check-up.
  • Cardiac tests.

The blood pressure levels are also checked, before proceeding with the tooth extraction operation.

Do Not Get Too Scared If...

There is some gum bleeding (residual) and swelling within 24 hours of pulling out the damaged tooth. However, if the bleeding persists, along with a vomiting tendency and mild to serious chest pains, get in touch with our dental service providers immediately. You might need additional corrective surgeries.

How Long Is The Recovery Period After Dental Extractions?

Typically, 2 to 3 weeks. During this period, you will need to book appointments for dental consultation - to follow proper postoperative oral care procedures (staying away from smoking and drinking, avoiding vigorous mouth rinsing, etc.). Gentle brushing, cleaning and dental flossing will be advised. In case your child complains of serious pains, DO NOT give him OTC painkillers. Let us know, and we will examine and treat the problem.

Does Dental Structure Get Realigned After A Tooth Extraction?

Not when your child undergoes the procedure at the best dental clinic in India. To prevent malformation, crowding out and/or incorrect spacing of teeth (following the extraction), our surgeons insert dental implants and oral dentures. That way, the alignment of the teeth does not get affected in any way.

You need not be apprehensive about a dental extraction process to be performed on your young child. All that you need to do is book an appointment at Confidental - and let us take care of the rest.

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