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Breath Odor

Would you like it if people ran for cover every time your cute little kid opened his/her mouth? Of course you won't - but that just might be the case, if you are not careful enough about the little one's overall oral hygiene. Bad breath odor, clinically known as halitosis, is a frequently observed pediatric dontology problem - and contrary to general belief, spraying OTC mouth-freshners is not an effective solution to it. What you need to do is contact a local dental clinic in Kolkata, before the breath odor problems build up to something more serious.

Medical Explanation Of Breath Odors

Like most oral infections and related problems, unpleasant oral odors are also a direct result of bacterial accumulation in the teeth/gums. When your child eats (and does not brush/floss properly), the naturally present bacteria around the tonsil area(below the tongue) reacts with the protein elements in the food to generate foul mouth odors. The smell actually comes due to the formation of sulphuric compounds inside the mouth - and the longer you neglect the problem, the worse your kid's breath odor will become.

What Causes Breath Odors?

Our in-house dental specialists in Kolkata list out multiple reasons for the occurrence of bad breath odors. According to our case files, some of the most common reasons for foul-smelling mouth are:

  • Presence of food particles between the teeth (highly probable if your child has relatively widely spaced teeth) and the gums. Over time, these remnants start to rot, serving as a breeding ground for oral bacteria.
  • Long-standing gum diseases. Dental physicians from all over India confirm that gingivitis (bleeding and swollen gums, inflammations, etc.) is often a precursor of foul mouth smells. Confidental Care is a top-notch gum treatment center in Kolkata - and we suggest you bring your child to our clinic for regular check-ups.
  • Inadequate intake of water. If you are not observant enough, your child might stay hours on end without having water. That, in turn, would lead to a condition called 'dry mouth' (the name is self-explanatory). Anaerobic bacteria grows faster under such conditions of excessive oral dryness, giving rise to mouth odors.

Among adults visiting our Kolkata clinic with breath odor problems, the primary cause have been heavy addiction to smoking and/or drinking. Apart from a smelly mouth, such unhealthy habits are likely to cause permanent tooth stains too.

Note: Many people, children and grown-ups alike, feel unpleasant breath odors in the morning, after waking up. This generally happens due to the lower rate of saliva production when they are asleep. Such bad odors tend to go away within a few minutes. It's when the odor sustains that consulting a qualified dentist in India becomes necessary.

How Is Breath Odor Diagnosed?

The intensity of bad breath odor in your child's mouth is directly proportional to the hydrogen sulphide concentration in his/her mouth. At our dental treatment clinic in Kolkata, we use halimeter devices to measure the extent to which the foul-smelling sulphuric compound has grown in the teeth and gums. Treatment procedures are determined accordingly.

Treatment Of Breath Odor At Confidental

Unless there is a serious gum infection (periodontal diseases), no surgical procedures are required for getting rid of breath odors. It all boils down to maintaining regularly high oral hygiene standards at home. Practitioners at our pediatric dental clinic typically prescribe the following to get your kid's oral smell back to normal:

  • Brushing the teeth twice daily with toothpastes that have high levels of fluorides and oxidising agents. In addition, your child should clean his/her teeth after having juices and other sugary fluids every time.
  • Having medically approved sugarless chewing gums, that moisten the mouth - minimizing the chances of bacterial growth. Eating candies also serve the same purpose - but having too many of them can prove to be counterproductive.
  • Ensuring that your child has adequate amounts of water during the day.
  • Following a diet chart that is rich in Vitamins B, C, D and E.

For adults, of course, staying away from cigarettes and alcohol is an absolute must. If you are in the habit of popping sleeping pills/tranquilizers on a regular basis, that can also cause bad breaths.

Breath odor can be the precursor of other complicated oral problems - and they are definitely a cause for embarrassment for your child. Book an appointment at Confidental Care... and we will make sure everyone would love to get close to your little darling!

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