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Treatment Of Bleeding Gums

Rather inexplicably, most kids and teens with the problem of bleeding gums are too embarrassed to talk about it with others (including their parents). All that they do is wash their teeth and gums as soon as the blood discharge starts - which is only a temporary solution. It's your responsibility to make your child realize that gum bleeding is a very common, and easily curable, form of pediatric dental issue. A few visits to a good tooth and gum care clinic in Kolkata - and the problem can be done away for good.

Main Symptoms Of Bleeding Gums

Contrary to general belief, bleeding gums need not necessarily be accompanied with pains and dull aches (unless, of course, the bleeding is caused due to external injuries). You should look for a thorough gum treatment procedure in Kolkata for your child, if:

  • There is blood discharge during brushing and dental flossing.
  • The gums become swollen and puffy, often with additional inflammation and soreness.
  • (S)he complains of bad bites and general difficulties while chewing food.
  • Bad mouth odors (this is often one of the earliest symptoms of gum diseases).

According to researches conducted at our oral clinic in Kolkata, nearly all cases of bleeding gums can be traced back to accumulation of dental plaque and tartar. Complete removal of plaque (surgically or non-surgically) helps in stopping intermittent discharges of blood and (in certain cases) pus from the gums.

What Causes Gum Bleeding?

In a nutshell, most cases of bleeding gums are caused by a general negligence of oral hygiene standards. Your kid might start suffering from this problem due to any of the following (or a combination of) reasons:

  • Bone & ligament inflammation - Days on end of inadequate/improper brushing and flossing can lead to serious periodontal diseases. The tooth bones, roots and ligaments can become inflamed, and the gums start to bleed as an early indication of the problem. Leading dental hospitals in India recommend parents to bring their children for check-ups whenever any form of gingivitis is suspected. Complete relief from gum diseases can only be provided by specialists.
  • Absence of essential vitamins - Poor nutritional habits can also result in gum-related problems. Bleeding gums can be a direct result of insufficient intake of Vitamins C and K in the daily meals. The dental consultants at our Kolkata clinic regularly prescribe food like spinach, olive oil and lettuce (rich in Vitamin K), and broccoli, bell pepper and citrus fruits (rich in Vitamin C) for kids - to make sure that gum bleeding, once cured, does not recur.
  • Dental trauma - Yet another common misconception among people is considering dental trauma to be synonymous with high-impact blows to the mouth. In case your kid is in the habit of applying too much pressure on the teeth while brushing, or if you let him/her use hard-bristled toothbrushes, the gums might get bruised and start to bleed.
  • Addiction certain medications - In particular, over-the-counter medicines for blood thinning. Irrespective of whether you wish to take such medications yourself or for your child, it is advisable to consult a reputed endodontist in Kolkata first. Otherwise, serious gum problems can ensue.
  • Leukemia - Persistently bleeding gums, and general ineffectiveness of most oral treatment procedures, can very well be an early sign of leukemia. In such cases, the bleeding occurs not only from the gums, but also from the roof/floor of the mouth. Advanced treatment is necessary, if our dental x-rays and gum scans reveal that the bleeding is associated with leukemia.

In addition, hormonal imbalances (particularly in women during pregnancy) can also cause bleeding gums. You should also stop your child from having food/beverages that are too hot (and can cause burns and scalds) or too cold (causing swollen gums, bleeding, and acute toothaches). During the dental consultation sessions at Confidental Care Clinic, Kolkata, detailed diet charts are provided to parents - for keeping the teeth and gums of their little ones healthy.

What Do We Recommend Using To Stop Gum Bleeding?

Unless you have let the problem assume serious proportions, oral surgical methods are not necessary to cure bleeding gums. The pediatric dentists in Kolkata at our clinic recommend using:

  • Antiseptic/antibacterial mouthwashes.
  • Medically approved local astringents.
  • Soft toothbrushes and fluoride toothpastes.
  • The diet charts drawn up by consultant dental practitioners.

Treatment of bleeding gums, in most cases, is all about manual/surgical removal of the sulfuric compounds from the teeth and gums (produced by accumulated anaerobic bacteria). The nature and spread of the underlying gum disease(s) would determine the course of treatment we will adopt.

Don't rob your child of his/her self-confidence by a common problem like bleeding gums. Book an appointment at our clinic, and make sure that the little one's gums and teeth look and feel healthy.

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