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Widely Spaced Teeth

Many parents feel embarrassed every time their kids smile - thanks to the wide spaces between the latter's teeth and/or presence of individual crooked tooth. More importantly, widely spaced teeth can cause food particles to remain stuck in the gaps between each tooth - leading to bacterial plaque and tartar formation. At Confidental Care, we are committed to make the setting of your kid's teeth just perfect...all over again.

You Need To Worry About Widely Spaced Tooth When...

Your child is getting his/her permanent teeth. We advise bringing children to our pediatric dentistry clinic in Kolkata for check-ups as soon as they reach the age of four. That way, our in-house doctors would also be able to check for, and treat:

  • Baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Potential causes for delayed formation of permanent teeth.
  • Malocclusions and dental infections.

Reasons For Widely Spaced Teeth

After extensive research across the country, we have found that problems related to abnormal dental spacing/crooked tooth mostly originate from:

  • High-impact dental trauma at the time of permanent teeth growth.
  • Gum diseases, ranging from gingivitis to periodontitis.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Complications in gum tissues and/or tooth roots.
  • Morquio Syndrome, which results from metabolic disorders.
  • Shifting of tooth.

The spacing between your child's teeth can be temporary as well. Provided that you have got in touch with Confidental Care - the best oral care clinic in Kolkata - you can rest assured that all types of widely spaced teeth problems will be set right.

Pre-Treatment Medical Test Done At Confidental

Prior to starting any form of dental realignment or smile redesigning treatment procedure, we conduct a series of medical tests to find out the exact nature and cause(s) of the abnormal teeth spacing. These tests include:

  • Dental x-rays.
  • Thorough check-up of the gums, tooth roots, and the roof of the mouth.
  • X-rays of the jawbones and the skull (if required).

Risks Of Having Widely Spaced Teeth

Irregularly spaced teeth are neither nice from an aesthetic point of view, nor are they good for the overall oral hygiene of your kid. If his/her permanent teeth are indeed malformed:

  • His/her smiles won't be a pleasant sight. What's more uneven, crooked teeth can have adverse effects on the child's confidence.
  • There will be plenty of place for bacteria to grow and thrive. Accumulation of plaque will be speeded up, and infections can ensue.
  • It will be close to impossible to brush and floss all portions of the teeth and gums. Food particles might remain, and gum diseases won't be too far away.
  • There will be problems in chewing food properly (i.e., bad bites will be a constant issue).

According to experts from leading dental hospitals in India, not bothering to treat widely spaced teeth in children can lead to many types of complicated dental problems later on. Do not take a chance, and contact our clinic in case your child has this oral problem.

Treating Widely Spaced Teeth At Confidental

For kids, our pediatric dental practitioners prescribe metals crowns, bridges, braces or oral dentures to gradually even out the teeth setting. Confidental also serves as a top-rated smile redesigning clinic - and if deemed necessary - we implement invisalign procedures to restore the proper spacing between the teeth.

What Is Invisalign Treatment At Confidental All About?

For an invisalign procedure to rectify widely spaced teeth, professionals from our dental restoration clinic in Kolkata insert medically approved plastic trays in the spaces between the teeth. The trays are removable, and they help in naturally repositioning an individual tooth or a set of teeth. After 15-18 months, the trays are removed, the dental spacing is re-examined, and (if required) a new tray is inserted.

Confidental Care offers orthodontic treatments of all types, at par with the latest international medical standards. Book an appointment with our doctors...and make sure that your child's smile remains a thing of beauty.

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