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Do you often catch your child putting his/her hand on the side of the cheek - particularly after/during eating? If yes, there is a high probability that (s)he is experiencing mild to serious toothaches. Of course, a toddler would start crying the moment (s)he starts feeling such oral discomforts. Confidental Care is a holistic toothache treatment clinic in Kolkata. From prompt diagnosis to effective eradication of toothaches, you can rely on us to bring back the smile on your kid's face.

Do You Need To Medical Consultation For Toothaches?

In most cases, yes. If the toothache refuses to go away after a couple of days (during which you might have given an OTC painkiller or two to your child), book an appointment at our oral care center - and get the problem sorted out. There can be sharp yet temporary toothaches too (for instance, after having chilled food/drinks) - for which clinical treatment is generally not required.

Note Of Caution About Kids' Toothaches

Toothaches originating from dental/gum infections can, if left untreated, affect the jawbones and the skull. At advanced stages, even the bloodstream of the suffering child might get infected. You should never be negligent about persistent toothaches - they can turn extremely serious.

What Exactly Causes Toothaches?

Just as there are variations in the intensities of toothaches, their underlying causes can be manifold as well. We conducted a detailed pediatric dental research survey in Kolkata, and found that the following were the most common causes of toothaches among children:

  • Dental abscess.
  • Presence of tooth cavities and caries.
  • Gum infections (either gingivitis or the more serious periodontal diseases).
  • Improper dental filling (that's precisely why we keep harping on the importance of consulting the best oral specialists in India).

Apart from the above causes, many children have regular teeth-grinding habits. Such repetitive motions of the teeth and the jawbones can also result in toothaches growing more acute over time.

Can't Toothaches Be Prevented?

If you keep a constant eye on the oral health of your child, the chances of the latter falling prey to serious toothaches can be minimized. Visit our Kolkata dental clinic for 2-3 one-on-one consultations annually, and find out the correct methods of brushing and flossing your child's teeth. Our highly-experienced pediatric dental experts advise using fluoride-based toothpastes, which effectively fight tooth decay-causing bacteria. If required, insertion of dental sealants is also recommended.

How Do We Treat Toothaches At Confidental?

After a preliminary consultation, our oral surgeons prescribe dental x-rays for kids suffering from severe toothaches. The reports serve as confirmations of fractures (if any) in tooth roots, or pulp/tissue damages. At our Kolkata clinic, the following treatment methods are generally adopted:

  • Dental filling - In case the problem is being caused by dental cavities. We make sure that the filling won't cause any adverse side-effects.
  • Root canal treatment - If the dental x-rays and other diagnostic tests reveal damages in the oral nerves, going for a root canal becomes the only option for getting lasting relief.
  • Tooth extraction - Although our pediatric dental surgeons try their best to save the teeth of the ailing kids, severe cavity attacks might render such efforts futile. Under such circumstances, a secure dental extraction procedure is opted for. To ensure that children do not feel any pain, a mild local anesthetic agent is applied.
  • Laser treatment - This is mostly done to reduce gum inflammations and/or soreness - before the required oral surgical treatment is started. Our clinic in Kolkata has world-class laser dental treatment/phototherapy facilities.

In certain cases, toothaches are accompanied by high fevers and/or significant jaw-swelling. To tackle such problems first, mild antibiotics are prescribed. In other words, we take due care to get rid of all other symptoms - before mounting an attack on the toothache-inducing factor(s).

Note: It is your responsibility to keep your child off overly sugary food and drinks as much as possible. Having chewing gums one after the other (also a repetitive facial motion) can lead to toothaches too.

Toothaches are one of the most irritating and persistent pediatric dentistry problems. Do not let your child suffer from it for days on end, and do not try to cure the problem at home. If you book an appointment at Confidental, the results will be much better - we promise you that!

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