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Teeth Malocclusion

Does your child often complain about painful cheek/lip bites? While eating, does (s)he frequently bite his/her tongue, causing bruises and sores? Do the teeth of your kid appear too crowded or abnormally spaced out? If your answer to any of these queries is yes, chances are high that your little one is suffering from teeth malocclusion-related problems. Bring him/her along to Confidental Care and do away with such oral ailments, with ease.

Forms Of Teeth Malocclusion

At our dental treatment and teeth re-aligning clinic in Kolkata, we have the best pediatric dentistry experts to treat the following types of teeth malocclusion:

  • Impaction - The alignment of your child's teeth can go awry due to the presence of either too much or too little space beside each tooth. We have encountered many cases where permanent teeth do not get formed at all, owing to dental crowding.
  • Underbite/Overbite/Crossbite - These (especially the first two) are extremely common among children. Either the lower or upper set of teeth protrudes outwards too much, leading to bad bites, inability to chew food properly, and a general embarrassing look. Dental x-rays and scans can also reveal that the upper and lower sets of teeth do not fit properly (when the mouth is closed). These are called 'cross bite' cases.
  • Overjet - Also known as buck teeth and upper protrusion, this is another dental malocclusion, in which the front teeth protrudes forward abnormally. At our oral care hospital in Kolkata, we mostly prescribe the use of dental pacifiers to gradually remove the protrusion.
  • Transposition & Dental Rotation - Malocclusion of teeth can also occur if the tooth/teeth moves out of its normal position, or appears at a wrong place on the gums. A full dental restoration procedure is required to cure such alignment problems.

What Causes Teeth Malocclusion?

It is difficult to zero in on a particular set of reasons that can lead to mal-alignment of your child's teeth. Even so, at our internationally recognized dental care center in Kolkata, the following activities are considered to augment the chances of oral malocclusion:

  • Prolonged thumsucking. Confidental offers specialized thumsucking treatment for infants too.
  • Impacted teeth and/or dental trauma, caused by sporting collisions and injuries.
  • Mouth tumors and big sores.
  • Abnormally long periods of bottle feeding, leading to baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Improper alignment of the jawbones.

In addition to these, faulty insertion of dental implants, crowns and bridges, and oral dentures can also lead to malocclusion of your child's teeth. Delayed formation of teeth can be yet another reason. That's precisely why taking kids for regular checkups at a good dental clinic in Kolkata is so important.

Primary Indicators Of Teeth Malocclusion

Thankfully, there are several easily detectable symptoms which indicate that there is something wrong with the alignment of your child's dental structure. Our pediatric dentists confirm the following as reliable symptoms of teeth malocclusion:

  • Slight lisps while speaking.
  • Frequent complaints of toothaches/bleeding gums while chewing food.
  • Frequent nasal blocks, causing your kid to breath through the mouth.
  • A gradual change in the face structure.

At Confidental Care Dental Clinic, Kolkata, we treat Class I (the most common type), Class II, and Class III teeth malocclusions.

Treatment Of Dental Malocclusion At Confidental

We have some of the best pediatric dentists in India available for consultation at our clinic. You can rest assured about getting proper and lasting treatment of oral malocclusion problems for your child. The following methods are mostly recommended by us:

  • Application of night guards - For kids, acrylic night guards are generally prescribed, since they cause little or no discomfort.
  • Insertion of dental braces - Braces are often instrumental in correcting the alignment of teeth. For cases of overbites and underbites in particular, wearing dental braces for a specified period can remove the malocclusion.
  • Jaw-shortening surgeries - If other methods of dental restoration fail, our dental surgeons perform a minor surgery to shorten the jaw. This automatically solves the problem of widely spaced teeth.

Please note that, close to 80% of all cases of teeth malocclusion is hereditary. If you or your partner has such problems, do bring your child for dental check-ups. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Confidental offers the best teeth malocclusion treatment services in Kolkata. Book an appointment at our clinic, and make your kid's teeth setting absolutely perfect!

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