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Dental Restoration

Missing teeth and damages to the proximal surfaces of tooth are fairly common among children. If neglected for long, such problems can give rise to severe toothaches, problems in eating, and even loss of teeth. You do not need to worry though - for Confidental brings to you the best dental restoration services in India. When we take charge of your kid's tooth, the little one keeps smiling happily.

What Exactly Is A Dental Restoration?

In essence, dental restoration can be explained as the usage of medically approved restorative material to rectify the damages in tooth morphology, and bring back the overall strength and functionality of the teeth and gums. In medical circles, restoration is also referred to as tooth preparation and dental filling - although the third procedure is not exactly similar.

When Might Your Child Need A Dental Restoration?

From traumatic dental injuries (as diagnosed through dental x-rays), to severe cases of caries - a wide range of causes might render a complete dental restoration necessary. Depending on the exact area and dimensions of the affected area in the mouth, the type of restoration required is determined.

Types Of Dental Restoration Surgeries We Perform

Confidental, the one-stop pediatric dental clinic in India, has the setup and the team of medical experts to carry out all forms of dental restorations. Both direct and indirect restorations are performed by our in-house dentists. Wondering what the the difference between these two procedures are? Here's a quick explanation:

Direct Dental Restoration

The placement of a relatively malleable filling in the space of the affected tooth. As the material hardens, the tooth gets built up.

Indirect Dental Restoration

This form of dental surgery takes place outside the mouth. Dental impressions are taken by our practitioners, to fabricate the process of restoration. Setting crowns and bridges are very common instances of indirect restorations of teeth.

Alternative Classification Of Dental Restorations

In terms of the location and nature of the oral damage to be restored, dental restorations can be classified under six different heads. Incidentally, the first five of these categories were proposed by Dr. G. V. Black, while the final one was added later on.

1. When the presence of dental fissures and/or pits are confirmed, we recommend a Class I restoration.

2. In case the proximal portion of the posterior teeth is affected, our dentists in Kolkata go for a Class II restoration surgery.

3. A Class III restoration becomes necessary when the anterior teeth (once again, the proximal area) requires to be filled.

4. When a Class IV dental restoration is done at our pediatric dentistry clinic, care is taken to ensure that incisal edge of the tooth is not affected in any way. This is, in fact, the sole major difference between Class III and IV restorations.

5. For restoring gaps and rectifying damages in the lingual/facial portions of teeth (gingival third), we go for Class V restorations.

6. If there is a problem in the cusp or tip area of premolar or molar teeth, a Class VI dental restoration is performed by us.

White fillings, alternatively known as dental composites, are used for most restoration procedures by our dental experts. We also use porcelain and dental composites as the filling material, depending on the nature of the cases.

The dental restorations at Confidental focus on one thing & one thing only - to bring back the beauty of your child's laughter. If your kid needs a dental restoration, just book an appointment at our clinic - and do away with the problems for good.

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