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Dental Trauma

A heavy blow to the face, a sudden fall, a sporting injury - there can be a whole lot of causes leading up to persistent dental trauma. Since the damage occurs in either the tooth (breaks/gets chipped, etc.) and/or its roots, the associated pain does not naturally subside over time. What's more - such traumatic dental injuries can, if left untreated, necessitate complicated oral surgeries later on. In case your child has suffered a mouth injury due to any reason, you should visit a reliable dental care hospital in Kolkata as quickly as possible.

Types Of Tooth Damages That Cause Dental Trauma

Anything that disturbs the natural structure and alignment of your kid's teeth structure falls under the category of dental trauma injuries. Confidental has some of the best pediatric dental treatment specialists in India, and according to them, the following forms of damages can lead to such painful sensations in the mouth:

  • Tooth knocked out of its socket - A relatively common effect of high-impact facial collisions and falls. The entire tooth gets 'extracted' from its socket and there generally is a moderate amount of bleeding. There have been several cases where parents have booked appointments at our dental care center within an hour of the accident. In most of such cases, the knocked out tooth has been replanted in the socket, via careful dental restoration procedures. At Confidental, our main focus is to SAVE the tooth/teeth of children!
  • Chipped/Cracked tooth - Although cases of chipped teeth is more common in elderly people (the damage occurs as the tooth enamel becomes weaker), children can also get a cracked tooth due to a heavy fall or similar incidents. At Confidental, we perform dental x-rays to find out the precise extent of damage in the tooth pulp, and the blood vessels inside them. Although tooth cracks might not be easily discernible at first, you should consider seeing an endodontist in Kolkata if your child complains of sharp pains while chewing food. Tooth replacements are generally not required to cure this form of dental trauma.
  • Luxated teeth - Instead of getting completely knocked out of the socket due to a traumatic injury, a tooth can get either pushed inside or forced outside from it (i.e., the tooth gets partially dislodged). Since our clinic has state-of-the-art root canal treatment facilities in Kolkata, such injuries can be healed completely, and in quick time. If your kid is less than 10 years old, doing a root canal might not be required - since his/her teeth are still developing.

Medical Classification Of Dental Fractures

More than 60% of the dental trauma cases reported at our oral care clinic result from fracture(s) in the tooth. International dental experts have divided dental fractures under the following three heads:

  • Root fracture - As the name itself suggests, this fracture occurs in the root of the tooth/teeth. Either a complete extraction of the affected coronal segment, or root canal treatment, is required to treat such fractures.
  • Class II Ellis fracture - Although a comparatively less serious form of tooth fracture, this can also lead up to severe dental trauma. If the tooth scans and x-rays reveal this fracture, our pediatric specialists use medically approved dental cement/coating to keep the compromised dentin fully covered. It takes around a week for the fracture to get healed.
  • Class III Ellis fracture - A Class III fracture is the most serious form of impact-induced tooth damage, and it is of essence for you to contact a qualified dental surgeon in such cases immediately. There is a risk of infection (particularly if you give your kid OTC painkillers to ease the pain), while the tooth enamel can get permanently damaged too. However, if you visit Confidental in time, we would be able to prevent such fractures from becoming too problematic. Temporary dental implants, mouth guards, and other dental restorative material is used to treat these fractures.

Note: Class I Ellis fracture generally does not require any emergency dental surgery. However, you need to consult a proper dentist to find out how such fractures can get cured quickly.

Confidental also offers the finest dental esthetic procedure services in Kolkata, for treating fractures in baby tooth/teeth. For adults, we generally recommend root canal treatment to get lasting relief from dental trauma.

Injuries to the tooth are extremely common, and there is nothing you can do to rule out its possibilities. However, you can definitely book an appointment at Confidental and make sure that dental trauma does not become too serious. It's a parent's duty, after all!

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