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Dental X-rays

Oral treatments do not always prove to be as effective as you expect them to be. The principal cause for such frustrating experiences is, more often than not, inadequate/erroneous diagnosis of the problem. At Confidental, we have a state-of-the-art laboratory setup, ensuring that the underlying causes for all sorts of oral complaints can be diagnosed properly. In particular, we have the best facilities for teeth scans and dental x-rays in Kolkata:

We Perform Dental X-Rays When...

  • Dental trauma is suspected, following high-impact collisions or sporting injuries.
  • There is a probability of fractures/damages in the gum and tooth roots/bones.
  • The precise condition of impacted tooth/teeth has to be determined.
  • Any type of pediatric dental surgery have to be conducted.

At Confidental, leading oral surgeons in India are available for consultation. All dental x-rays and other tests are carried under their supervision, and reports are delivered promptly. This helps in the requisite treatments to start in time.

You Should Book An Appointment For Dental X-Rays When...

During your child's regularly scheduled dental check-up sessions (ideally, there should be 2-3 every year), you might need to come to our clinic for an oral x-ray if:

  • There are persistent toothaches, and over-the-counter painkillers are not of much help.
  • Gum bleeding, swelling and inflammation are frequent issues. A timely dental x-ray can prevent gingivitis from growing into a full-blown periodontal disease.
  • Your child's tooth gets broken or his/her gums get heavily bruised due to a heavy fall.
  • There is oversensitivity in the tooth and gums.
  • It becomes difficult to chew food properly, and bad bites are very common.
  • There are recurrent throbbing sensations in your teeth and gums. Such sensations can spread to the jawbones and the area under the ears as well.

In general, if your child complains of anything abnormal regarding his/her teeth and gums, consider bringing him/her along for a dental x-ray at our clinic. Timely diagnosis is key for effective treatment, after all.

Types Of Dental X-Ray Facilities At Confidental

At our dental health care hospital in Kolkata, we have the provisions for both intraoral and extraoral x-rays. The former is required to confirm the presence of dental cavities, likely damages to the root of the tooth, and finding the reason(s) for delayed tooth formation/teeth malocclusion. Extraoral dental x-rays, on the other hand, are more elaborate, and are done to check issues in the jawbones and the temporomandibular joint. As the name suggests, extraoral x-rays are, in essence, radiology tests of the skull and the jaw.

Depending on the type of suspected gum/dental problem(s) of your kid, the following intraoral x-rays are carried out at our pediatric dentistry center:

  • Occlusal X-rays - To track the development of permanent teeth, as well as to make sure that the teeth spacing is okay. The complete arch of upper jaw/lower jaw teeth is examined by this x-ray.
  • Bite Wing X-rays - Prior to inserting dental crowns and bridges, our oral care specialists recommend a bite-wing x-ray. Preparation of the required dental fillings is done as per the reports of the x-ray. Since the the entire tooth (the upper to the lower point) is displayed in a bite-wing, doctors generally refer to it to confirm whether your child is suffering from dental caries.
  • Periapical X-rays - Our dental surgeons prescribe a periapical dental x-ray, if damages are suspected in the supporting bones/roots of the tooth. The plates of periapical scans reveal the complete tooth structure, including the portion anchored within the jaw. This test is obligatory before all root canal treatment procedures.

Several alternative varieties of extraoral x-rays are also conducted at Confidental Care Clinic, Kolkata. These include tomograms (for layered views of the mouth), computed tomography (for diagnosing bone tumors and fractures; also known as CT scans), panoramic x-rays (to diagnose impacted teeth-related problems), and sialography (for identifying diseases in the salivary gland).

Confidental offers the most reliable and competitively priced dental x-ray services in Kolkata. Book an appointment at our oral diagnostic center...and ensure that no dental/gum problems ever remains undetected.

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