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Dental Caries

Just noticed a brown stain on the teeth of your child? It might very well be an early symptom of dental caries - arguably the most common pediatric dentistry complaints across the world. Before the problem worsens and complicated surgical treatment becomes required, bring him/her along to our dental hospital in Kolkata. We have oral treatment specialists who can provide lasting relief from dental caries (also known as oral cavities).

Signs Of The Onset Of Dental Caries

There is a common misconception, particularly in India, that dental caries has to be accompanied with severe toothaches. This might not necessarily be the case, during the early stages of the cavity attack. All that you would see are yellow/brown pockmarks on the teeth of your child. If neglected for some time, the caries might grow large - and cause the damaged tooth/teeth to break. The color of the tooth stain is also an indicator of how quickly the dental cavity is spreading.

What Causes Dental Caries?

According to researches conducted by internationally recognized pediatric dentistry practitioners, dental caries can be brought about due to the following reasons:

  • Addiction to sugary food items and drinks.
  • Accumulation of dental plaque/bacteria on the tooth.

The plaque comes in contact with the sugar to produce an acid, which corrodes away at the tooth enamel.

Gradual softening of enamel in the fissures of teeth (this can be diagnosed via dental x-rays and other tests, and is not visible to the naked eye).

As dental caries spreads, the softer portion beneath the tooth enamel (dentine) also starts getting affected. If you do not contact a reliable dental clinic in Kolkata in time, fast-growing cavities might even necessitate a complete root canal treatment procedure.

Treatment Of Dental Caries At Confidental

Confidental Care offers holistic treatment solutions for dental caries, thanks to the presence of the best dental health care experts in India at our clinic. In most cases of shallow cavities, the affected area is treated with fluoride, which toughens up the tooth enamel against probable bacterial attacks. Other common treatment options resorted to for curing dental caries include:

  • Placement of dental sealants in the pits/fissures.
  • Insertion of dental crowns.
  • Tooth extraction (only for advanced stages of cavity attacks).
  • Placement of dental fillings (we generally use composite fillings).
  • Root canal treatment (done when the other treatment options are not effective).

Our pediatric dental surgeons try their level best to save the damaged tooth/teeth of your child. In most cases, a proper dental restoration procedure provides lasting relief from caries.

Note: Even small dental caries can become painful root canals in the matter of months. Never neglect oral cavities or apply medication at home. Only a qualified dental professional can help your kid from the potentially serious problem.

Need For Attending Dental Consultations At Confidental After Treatment Of Dental Caries

Once we have got rid of the cavities in your child's tooth, the onus is on you to make sure that the problem does not recur. For precisely this purpose, in-depth dental consultation sessions are organized at our Kolkata clinic. Tips shared to prevent the occurrence of dental caries again include:

  • Removal of dental plaque by daily flossing.
  • Avoiding sugary drinks, and having medically approved sweeteners (Xylitol and Sucralose are a couple of examples).
  • Regular application of antibacterial mouthwash.

The objective of these treatment procedures is to maintain the right mineral balance in the teeth structure of your little one. For babies with serious dental caries, our surgeons have performed restorations with stainless steel dental crowns and bridges too.

Are Dental X-Rays The Only Way To Diagnose Caries?

To confirm the extent to which dental caries has spread in the teeth, the following tests are performed at our Kolkata dental clinic, apart from x-rays:

  • Fiberoptic transillumination exams.
  • Ultrasound dental checks.
  • Fluorescence tests.

Do not let dental caries assume dangerous proportions before seeking medical help. Book an appointment at Confidental Care...and let your child's smile sparkle through!

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