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Crowns & Bridges

Confidental pediatric dentistry clinic brings to you the finest restorative dentistry solutions in India. Right from covering up the embarrassments of unevenly spaced or missing teeth, to serving as effective dental aids to prevent serious oral diseases - restorative dentistry is of value to you and your kid on multiple counts. In this context, the importance of dental crowns and bridges come into the picture.

Dental Crowns

To strengthen the foundation of the tooth structure, our dentists prescribe the usage of crowns (for varying periods, depending on the requirements of each person). The crown itself resembles a human tooth, and it is placed over a problematic tooth/set of teeth. In most cases, we make use of white-colored dental crowns - so that they appear natural to onlookers.

Dental Bridges

As is implied from the name, dental bridges 'bridge' (or, fill up) the gap between missing teeth. Whenever we perform a tooth extraction, bridge(s) are used to fill in the gap - till the time a new tooth grows. Dental bridges also come in handy for kids with problems in their teeth-spacing.

¾ Dental Crowns

These are a special type of dental crowns. They cover 3/4th of the total tooth - as opposed to general crowns, which covers the entire tooth. These custom dental crowns are also known as onlays. At Confidental, we recommend using onlays in certain cases.

Materials Used For Making Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns can be made from a wide range of materials. At our dental clinic in Kolkata, we let you take your pick from crowns made of ceramic, stainless steel, metal and resin. We have plans to include milled crowns (also termed as Zirconia) in our dental lab pretty soon.

Note: Our pediatric dentists mostly recommend stainless steel crowns - since they are best-suited for the dental structure of kids.

Benefits Of Dental Crowns

There are plenty of advantages of wearing temporary/permanent dental crowns. Till date, we have created customized crowns for children and adults who:

1. Have recently had root canal treatment.

2. Require dental restoration after tooth fracture(s).

3. Wish to cover a misaligned and/or discolored tooth.

4. Need to keep dental bridges attached.

5. Have to cover recently done dental implants.

Benefits Of Dental Bridges

Although crowns and bridges are generally mentioned together in the context of oral treatments, each of them has unique benefits. The in-house dental experts at Confidental suggest the placement of dental bridges to:

1 Fill gaps between teeth (Missing teeth is a common problem with kids).

2 Prevent problems in the temporomandibular joint.

3 Rule out problems related to bad bites.

4 Keep misplaced teeth from rotating.

5 Maintain proper alignment of the teeth structure.

6 Minimize gum disease risks.

At our pediatric dental clinic, we mostly make ceramic dental bridges (since they look natural). Porcelain bridges are available as well.

Longevity Of Crowns & Bridges

When used with due care, dental bridges and crowns can last for more than a decade. During our one-on-one consultation sessions, advice is given regarding how a 'crowned teeth' should be taken care of. After your kid has got crowns or bridges from our clinic, you should attend our in-depth oral hygiene training sessions with him - for at least a few weeks.

What Is 'Teeth Reduction'?

This has been a query we have faced from many parents. A crown or a bridge cannot be fitted on a tooth in its original shape - the latter has to be 'reduced' first. Once that is done, our in-house dental experts take the measurements, to create crowns/bridges with just the right molds. Dental aids that are too loose can inadvertently fall off - but when you are at Confidental, you need not lose your sleep over that!

While tooth crowns and bridges have multiple benefits, you need to get in touch with a qualified dental surgeon to set them in the right manner. You won't get a better clinic than Confidental for the purpose - we can promise you that!

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