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Tooth Abscess

Poor oral hygiene standards can lead to a vast range of dental problems and gum diseases in kids. One of the most serious among such ailments is formation of tooth abscess. In this rather complicated form of pediatric dentistry complication, pus is discharged from the teeth and/or the gums. Immediately contacting a reputed teeth care clinic in Kolkata near you is of the essence, if you find that your child has been affected by this malady.

What Exactly Does Tooth Abscess Mean?

Dental abscess is a serious form of tooth and gum infection, resulting from cavities and excessive bacterial accumulation. While some forms of abscesses rupture and disappear on their own, most of them have to be surgically removed. At Confidental Care, we have top-ranked oral surgeons in India as well as world-class laboratory setup, to perform such abscess-removal operations.

Note Of Caution: If neglected for long, your child's tooth abscess can grow large, and the dental infection can worsen. (S)he might also start having difficulty in breathing properly, since the abscess(es) tend to block the air tract.

Detecting Tooth Abscess At Home

Confirmatory tests can, of course, be arranged only at a multi-specialty dental treatment center - but there are certain symptoms that would give you a hint that your kid is suffering from tooth abscess. These symptoms include:

  • General swelling of the inner portions of the mouth.
  • Significant gum inflammation and toothaches.
  • Oversensitivity of the affected tooth/teeth and the adjoining area.
  • Problems in fully opening the mouth.

Our dental doctors also highlight certain secondary symptoms of dental abscesses, like fever, feelings of nausea, frequent tendency to vomit, and a persistent, dull headache. Do not try to treat these problems on your own, and resist the temptation of popping OTC antibiotics. They will, in all likelihood, worsen the problems. You need to bring your child for a thorough check-up at our oral treatment center in Kolkata.

Types Of Dental Abscesses

At our dental clinic, the following types of oral abscesses are treated on a regular basis:

  • Periodontal abscess - These get formed when the oral infection spreads to the inner layers of the gums and the tooth roots. Surgical treatment is required for treating such cases.
  • Gingival abscess - This occurs when gum tissues get infected, leading to swelling and pus discharges. At our Kolkata clinic, we have also treated cases of gum abscess that have been caused by high-impact dental trauma.
  • Periapical abscess - When the tooth pulp gets infected, causing oversensitivity and acute pains, it is a case of periapical abscess. At Confidental, we diagnose such infections through dental scans and, if-required, x-rays.

All forms of dental abscess cause serious discomforts, and if you do not consult a reliable oral specialist in time, dental extraction might become necessary.

Treatment Of Dental Abscess At Confidental

There are provisions for both surgical as well as non-surgical removal of tooth abscesses at our oral healthcare center in Kolkata:

  • Surgical treatment - If the dental abscess in your kid's mouth has become too large, surgery is the best method to prevent the infection from spreading further. Our pediatric surgeons make incisions on the abscess, and completely drain away the pus. Local anesthesia is applied during this type of oral surgery.
  • Non-surgical treatment - If you bring your child for a check-up to our clinic in Kolkata at a relatively early stage, the little one might not have to undergo surgery. We have successfully treated many cases of dental abscesses by prescribing medically approved pain relievers (antibiotics). The accumulated pus is gradually drained off by rinsing the affected area with warm water repeatedly.

Even if the abscess in the mouth of your child ruptures on its own, you need to bring him/her to our dental hospital. Otherwise, the pus might infect other parts of the mouth, necessitating more complicated dental/gum treatments.

Dental abscesses can lead to tooth losses, and is one of the most problematic pediatric dentistry problems worldwide. Book an appointment at our center and get rid of abscesses in the mouth of your kid...before it's too late to save his/her infected tooth.

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