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Dental Bleaching

They say a dazzling smile can spread happiness like few other things in life. But what if your child's teeth are stained, yellowish, and generally unhealthy to look at? Well, you will have to get in touch with a reliable professional paediatric dentist immediately. For dental bleaching, you won't find a better clinic in Kolkata than Confidental - we promise you that!

Need For Dental Bleaching

Oral bleaching is required to bring back the whiteness of teeth, which might be lost owing a wide range of factors. Many parents have reported to us that their children either:

(a) Are negligent about teeth and gum care (inadequate brushing and dental flossing, ignoring/not telling about bleeding gums, etc.), or

(b) Are too addicted to fizzy colas and/or warm beverages that contain caffeine (which gradually eat away at the tooth-enamel).

At our dental clinic in India, we conduct dental bleaching on adults too. An overwhelming majority of our patients admit that they are/were addicted to tobacco/alcohol/pan masala. We strongly advise each of you to stay away from consuming these too much. Dental bleaching is a fairly simple treatment process - but won't it be better if you were able to retain your teeth whiteness in the first place?

Risk Of Intrinsic Stains

Even if you are super-careful about the dental health of your kid, the latter's teeth might still get stained. Medically known as 'intrinsic staining', this is primarily brought about by overexposure to fluorides. Would-be mothers who have the habit of popping tetracycline antibiotics too frequently might also have kids with yellowish teeth.

Types Of Dental Bleaching

The following two types of bleaching are carried out by our dental surgeons:

(1) Vital Whitening, and

(2) Non-Vital Whitening.

The first type of dental bleaching is done in cases when the patient has normal, live nerves in their teeth. Non-vital whitening, on the other hand, is resorted to in cases when the affected kid has recently undergone root canal treatment, and no longer has live nerves in his/her tooth. Confidental is regarded as one of the top dental clinics for both types of oral bleaching.

How Is Dental Bleaching Done At Confidental?

Our dental clinic adopts a holistic approach for oral bleaching procedures. We start off with dental x-rays, to find out whether there are cavities/bacterial accumulation/other form of bone/neural damages. In case any such problem is detected, it is treated first - before proceeding with the actual dental bleaching procedure.

Please Note: Dental bleaching treatment will not be effective for children who already have porcelain dental crowns and bridges. You can, of course, bring your child to our oral clinic in Kolkata for detailed dental counselling sessions - which would be beneficial in the long-run.

Material Used For Dental Bleaching

Dental experts at our clinic use only medically approved bleaching agents to whiten the teeth of children/adults. Depending upon the overall dental health of each patient, either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used as the agent. Thanks to the expertise of our nationally acclaimed in-house dentists, you need not worry about your little one's teeth getting dehydrated (or getting damaged in any other way) during the bleaching process.

Post-Bleaching Dental Care

While dental bleaching procedures take, on average, around 90 to 120 minutes (you will need to book a single appointment), proper postoperative dental care is of essence. We strongly recommend parents to come for 2-3 dental counselling sessions, in the following weeks. Our dental experts will explain how whitening pastes, gels and strips are to be used - so that dental stains do not rear up their ugly head in future.

Stop being embarrassed whenever your child smiles. Book an appointment at Confidental, go for a dental cleaning treatment, and let his/her teeth sparkle like never before.

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