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Root Canal Treatment

Has one or more of your child's teeth started to blacken? Is (s)he complaining of severe toothaches? Can you detect significant gum swelling as well? These are all telltale symptoms of tooth decay at an advanced stage. Before things get any worse, you need to get in touch with Confidental, and get a root canal treatment procedure done. After all, it's the dental health of your little one that is at stake.

Preliminary Symptoms That Indicate The Necessity Of Root Canal

In addition to the symptoms listed above, our pediatric dentists list a few other symptoms that indicate that a child's teeth have become infected and root canal treatment is required. These include:

1. Occurrence of painful pimples on the gums and other areas of the mouth. These pimples keep recurring, and OTC oral medications are not effective.

2. Extreme sensitivity to both hot as well as cold edibles. In most cases of tooth pulp infections, this sensitivity remains long after the concerned item has been eaten.

3. Difficulties in putting any type of pressure on the teeth (e.g., chewing something).

We sincerely advise parents to not neglect these symptoms, or try to treat them at home. A full root canal procedure is required for lasting relief, and only qualified dental care experts can perform it.

Reasons For Which Your Child Might Need Root Canal Treatment

Also known as endodontic treatment in medical circles, root canals can be required whenever the tooth pulp/nerve gets infected, causing the entire tooth to get decayed. That, in turn, can be caused by a multitude of factors:

1. Significant inflammation of the tooth pulp/nerve, along with gum swelling. In fact, that's precisely why our dentists in Kolkata remove the pulp while performing root canal surgeries.

2. Chipped tooth, which is a pretty common form of sporting injury.

3. Dental trauma, resulting from high-impact collisions and/or heavy falls.

4. Gum diseases.

5. Fractures in the root of the tooth.

If your child had undergone dental filling from any other clinic, and there is a problem with the filling done - that can lead to infections as well. That's exactly why you need to choose only the best dental clinic for your li'l one.

Root Canal Treatment - The Confidental Way

At our oral health care clinic in India, each doctor are proficient endodontists. Patients (young and adult) requiring root canal treatment are taken care of in a systematic manner, as follows:

Firstly, dental x-rays are conducted to find out whether there are any root fractures. Other additional tests are also carried out, to ensure that there are no gum infections. In case there are, these infections are treated via medication, before we proceed with the root canal.

Next up, the actual surgical procedure starts. Although many dentists in India and abroad do not consider the application of local anesthetic as a part of root canal treatment (since the affected nerve is already 'dead'), we generally do anesthetize the area (after all, the kid should not feel any kind of stress during the operation).

Finally, the affected tooth is marked by our dental surgeons, and an access hole is created on it. Through the hole, all the accumulated bacteria, infected pulp and dead nerve cells, and other disposable stuff are 'cleaned' out. We use either sodium hypochlorite or water to wash the mouth during the operation 2-3 times. The clean tooth is now sealed back.

For saving an already infected tooth, there is no better treatment procedure than going for a root canal operation.

Need For Post-Operative Consultations

We generally advise patients' parents to come along for at least a couple of postoperative checkup sessions after a root canal operation. During these dental consultations, our dentists check whether further dental restoration (with crowns and bridges) will be necessary. Oral sealer pastes are also prescribed by us, if deemed necessary.

Busting The Myth About Root Canal Treatment

Contrary to what many parents believe, root canal treatment procedures are not at all painful. At Confidental, we have the best dental surgeons and anesthetists, who make sure that your kid never feels a thing during the operation. It's as smooth and easy to perform as a simple dental filling.

Note: If there is unnatural inflammation in the dental tissues after the surgery, do contact our experts immediately.

Confidental has been universally acknowledged by patients as the place for the best root canal treatments in India. Book an appointment now, and let us make your child's oral troubles go away!

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