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Impacted Tooth

A tooth is said to be 'impacted', if its growth from the gums gets blocked due to some reason. Most instances of impacted tooth involve problems with wisdom tooth development - which occurs in a child between the ages of 14 to 18. However, younger children can face this problem at the time of getting their permanent teeth too (when they are around 5-7 years old, and provided that there is no delayed teeth formation). For holistic impacted tooth treatment in Kolkata, Confidental Care is the place you need to get in touch with.

How To Tell If Your Child Has Impacted Tooth?

There are plenty of symptoms that indicate that your son/daughter is suffering from impacted tooth. Delayed formation of wisdom tooth (i.e., the third molars at the back-end of the mouth), generally accompanied by dull, lasting pains, is the most common among them. Our pediatric dental treatment consultants also list out the following as symptoms of impacted tooth/teeth:

  • Unpleasant mouth odors, coupled with a lingering bad taste in the mouth.
  • Sharp pains while trying to open the mouth/stretch the jawbones.
  • Difficulty in chewing food properly.
  • Significant gum swelling (with or without a dull pain) near the back of the mouth.

At our oral care clinic in Kolkata, detailed dental x-rays and scans are conducted to find out the precise cause(s) of impacted tooth in your kid's mouth.

Risks Of Neglecting Impacted Tooth

Trying to ease the discomforts caused by impacted tooth by OTC painkillers is not only an exercise in futility - but they can be immensely risky as well. If you do not bring your child for a timely consultation at our Kolkata-based clinic, the following problems might soon rear their ugly heads:

  • Serious infections - Clinically termed pericoronitis, oral infections caused by impacted tooth can affect jawbones, and the areas around the neck and the throat. Elaborate dental surgeries are required to remove such infections completely.
  • Cyst formation - Albeit rare, this is another risk associated with long-standing negligence of impacted tooth. Once again, general dental restoration procedures are not effective for removing such cysts - and corrective operations are necessary.
  • Dental caries/cavities - Unless an impacted tooth is examined at an early stage via dental x-rays, there remains the chance of significant dental cavities remaining undiagnosed. There can also be irreversible damages in the tooth enamel.
  • Abnormal growth of teeth - Partial formation ('eruption') of wisdom teeth is probably the most problematic type of impacted tooth-related problems. In general too, if a set of tooth is impacted, there can be malocclusion and misalignment of the teeth - as a result of which smile designing procedures become required.

Note: Impacted tooth need not necessarily be accompanied by facial pains. Whenever your child complains about 'abnormal shapes' in his/her molars - come along for a full-check-up. We have the best surgeons and facilities in India for treating such problems.

How Does Confidental Solve Problems Associated With Impacted Tooth?

In most cases, the affected tooth/set of teeth has to be extracted - to make sure that the problem does not relapse. A classic case in point would be the extraction surgery of wisdom tooth, that so many children undergo at our Kolkata clinic. In case the impacted teeth is causing excessive pains, our dental health care experts prescribe safe and medically approved painkillers and antibiotics (like ibuprofen and acetaminophen), to relieve the discomforts - before proceeding with the surgery. Local anesthesia is applied for such dental surgeries in Kolkata by us.

Suggested Diet After Removal Of Impacted Tooth

Just as it is in case of any dental extraction, after the removal of impacted tooth, a liquid/semi-liquid will be recommended for your child. For adults, staying away from alcohol during this postoperative healing period is an absolute must.

Probable Issues After Impacted Tooth Extraction

Mild swelling of the face (complete or partial), together with some amount of bleeding is common within a few hours of the extraction of impacted tooth (including wisdom tooth). There is nothing to be alarmed about such after-effects. However, if these problems (or toothaches) remain even after a week of the removal of impacted tooth, kindly book an appointment at our clinic for further examinations.

Apart from often being a source of facial discomfort, impacted tooth can also cause wider-than-normal spacing between the teeth of your child, or tooth-crowding in his/her mouth. Book an appointment at our dental clinic in Kolkata, get rid of the troublesome tooth/teeth...and relieve your child of the troubles.

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