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Dental Scaling

Timely dental scaling can keep a wide range of common gum diseases from assuming serious proportions. If your child has been diagnosed with bleeding/swollen gums, plaque bacteria accumulation between the teeth or any other form of gum ailment, contact Confidental immediately. We will make sure that the problem is eradicated at an early stage, and the oral hygiene of the little one stays intact.

Objective Of Dental Scaling

Scaling, together with root planing, is done at our paediatric dentistry center in Kolkata, to smoothen the abrasive surface of the tooth. This, in turn, lessens the chances of plaque bacteria getting attached. In case the gum problems have proceeded from the gingivitis to the periodontal stage, further corrective dental surgeries might be required after scaling.

What Types Of Dental Scaling Are Done At Confidental?

At our state-of-the-art dental laboratory, we have the setup to conduct two types of dental scaling procedures. They are:

Ultrasonic scaling - In the more advanced form of dental scaling, the surgeon uses a vibrating metal tool to remove all the accumulated plaque from the teeth. The unhealthy tartar also gets chipped off during the process. A mouthwash spray is used to clean the teeth and gums, and keep the area cool.

Manual scaling - Experts at our dental health care clinic prefer this method for milder cases of gum diseases. No surgical tools are involved, and the dental surgeon identifies the areas where plaque and tartar have formed, via touch. These are then manually scraped off. The area is cleaned later. A curette and a couple of handheld instruments are used for this procedure.

Application Of Anesthesia During Dental Scaling

Although not an absolute necessity for adults, we advise the application of local anesthesia prior to scaling for kids. This ensures that children do not feel any type of discomfort or pain while the procedure is on. We have in-house anesthetists at our Kolkata-based dental clinic to take care of this issue.

Note: Local anesthesia HAS to be applied if dental x-rays reveal that your child's teeth and gums have become oversensitive/excessively damaged. In most cases, a medically approved paste for desensitizing the affected area is applied, before the application of anesthetics and the scaling procedure.

How Many Sessions Are Required For Full Dental Scaling?

Provided that you have got in touch with us during the gingivitis stage, booking a single appointment at Confidental Care would be enough for dental scaling and root planing. However, if you have let your kid's gum problems proceed to the periodontitis stage, 4-5 sessions will be required. Our dental surgeons shall scale 20% to 25% of the mouth during each session. Whether a dental surgery would also be required will be determined after that.

Areas Cleaned Via Dental Scaling

Biofilm and dental plaque typically get accumulated in the area just below the gum line. In case of receding gums, bacteria and plaque get even more area for development. These areas (including the points of attachment between the gum and the teeth) are thoroughly cleaned by our dental scaling experts. Once the scaling is done, the gums become stronger, and the teeth appear (of course) whiter.

Main Benefits Of Dental Scaling

Gum diseases come in many forms. While dental scaling is effective in treating all of them in varying degrees, the treatment is particularly useful for:

  • Reducing gum inflammations.
  • Removing the problem of swollen gums.
  • Stopping intermittent gum bleeding.
  • Complete removal of periodontal pockets (so that plaque no longer gets accumulated).

Oral Care After Dental Scaling

Like any other pediatric dental treatment service, dental scaling is not a one-shot medical procedure. You will have to come down to our clinic for check-ups and follow-up advice for a couple of times. We will acquaint you with the right way for dental flossing and brushing. An antiseptic ointment will also be prescribed, to do away with excessive soreness.

Do not let gum problems plague your child consistently. Book an appointment at Confidental, get a full dental scaling done, and let him/her truly enjoy smiles!

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