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Treatment For Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, alternatively known as early childhood tooth decay/caries, is a frequently reported oral problem in kids under the age of five. Apart from not letting your kid have too much of sugary liquids and practising general oral hygiene standards at home, you should bring him/her to a good dental treatment center in Kolkata for regular checkups. At Confidental Care, we have the best pediatric dentists to make sure such problems never become too serious.

Types Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Oral health care professionals differentiate between two types of baby bottle tooth decay. These are:

  • The tooth decay caused due too much intake of syrups, sugary fluids and candies. More common in children between the age of 3 to 5.
  • The tooth decay caused due to breastfeeding. Known among dental experts as 'nursing decay', this type of problem is relatively rare.

As is pretty much evident from the name of the problem, baby bottle tooth decay can occur only BEFORE the development of permanent teeth.

Early Symptoms Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

At our oral treatment center in Kolkata, we treat the following as telltale symptoms of baby bottle tooth decay:

  • Severe toothaches (if your toddler cries too much, that might be an indication of nursing decay).
  • Gum inflammation, reddening, swelling and intermittent bleeding.
  • Bad mouth odors.
  • Appearance of tooth stains (generally, black or deep brown).
  • Tooth/gum infections leading to fever and general mouth irritations.

If any of these symptoms become evident, it is of essence that you book an appointment at Confidental Care as soon as possible, and get the underlying problem diagnosed.

Process Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Practitioners from leading dental hospitals across India have highlighted several mild to serious oral diseases that can crop up, if dental plaque is neglected for a fairly long time. Apart from the formation of toughened tooth tartar, sustained presence of plaque coating can also lead to:

This, in turn, facilitates the formation of bacteria. The resultant acid attacks eat away at the tooth enamel of your babies - and dental cavities start to form.

The Misconception Around Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

During the dental consultations at our Kolkata clinic, we have met many parents who do not consider baby bottle tooth decay as a potentially serious oral problem. They feel that baby teeth are, in any case, supposed to fall off by the time a child becomes 5-6 years of age - so an early removal does not make much of a difference. This is an absolute myth - since premature absence of baby teeth (owing to serious cavity attacks) can lead to widely spaced permanent teeth and dental alignment issues later on. At Confidental, we try our level best to save the affected tooth/teeth of your baby.

Treatment Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay At Confidental

Dental surgeons at our clinic in Kolkata generally use medically approved porcelain crowns and bridges to prevent/treat baby bottle tooth decay. The crowns are inserted in a manner that ensures:

  • Babies do not feel the presence of foreign object(s) in their mouth.
  • There are no problems with the spacing of teeth in future.
  • Bad bites and/or teeth malocclusion do not occur.

Depending on the precise nature and extent of the tooth decay, dental restorations and bleaching methods are also recommended. We have also conducted minor dental surgeries to place flippers on top of the affected tooth/teeth.

General Advice To Protect Children From Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Our in-house dental hospital representatives can cure any form of baby bottle tooth decay. However, as a responsible parent, the onus is on you to make sure that the problem does not recur. At our pediatric dental consultation sessions, we advise people to:

  • Cut down their kids' consumption of fruit juices and sugary syrups.
  • Use good-quality toothpastes and soft brushes to clean their kids' teeth twice everyday.
  • Follow a regular, nutritional diet for their children.

Timely treatment of baby bottle tooth decay ensures that the procedure will be not invasive or complicated. Book an appointment at Confidental Care, consult our experts, and give your little one the gift of strong, healthy teeth.

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