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Dental Implants

Why put your child through the troubles of putting on awkward-looking dentures, when dental implants are more than an adequate substitute? At our nationally recognized pediatric dental clinic, we perform such relatively simple oral treatments on a regular basis.

When Might Your Child Require Dental Implants?

Onset of gum problems (gingivitis) or tooth decay are sureshot signs that it's time for your kid to go for a dental implant. The embarrassments of missing teeth can also be overcome with the help of a nicely done implant surgery. When you come in for a consultation, we will perform the necessary tests to find out whether, and what type of, dental implant is required.

What Are Dental Implants All About?

As the name itself suggests, dental implants are replacements for missing/malformed teeth. The replacement teeth can either be removable or permanent (based on the exact requirement of your child). With a near 100% record in teeth replacement surgeries, Confidental is counted among the best clinics for dental implants in India.

How Would Dental Implants Help Your Kid?

In multiple ways. In addition to restoring the beauty of his/her smile, a carefully done dental implant would help your child eat more easily (no more 'bad bites'), and give him/her an all-new feel of oral comfort. In case you have opted for removable dental implants, there will be the additional convenience-factor of being able to put them on whenever required.

Types Of Dental Implants

At our leading dental clinic in Kolkata, we perform two types of dental implants (as recognized by the American Dental Association). These are:

Subperiosteal dental implants

For this corrective dental procedure, the area just below the gum tissue is selected (near the jawbone), and a metal frame is inserted into it. Once the tissue heals completely, the replacement teeth is fitted in. At times, additional dentures are also used by us - to maintain the strength of the replacement teeth.

Endosteal dental implants

Thanks to the presence of the best dental surgeons in India, our clinic is renowned for endosteal implants - for kids and adults alike. The procedure includes two surgeries - the first to insert the replacement teeth/implants inside the jawbone, and the second to strengthen the operated area.

During dental implant surgeries, our in-house pediatric dentists either fit artificial teeth individually, or group them in dentures.

What Is The Process Of Inserting Dental Implants?

The overall procedure of dental implant surgery can be divided in two stages. At first, the implant is fitted into the jawbone (by the subperiosteal or the endosteal method). Some time is given for the healing of the gum tissue. During this osseointegration process (i.e., the healing), the implant gets properly 'integrated' with the bone - giving it a strong foundation.

Once the gum has healed properly, the artificial/replacement teeth is placed. Dental crowns are used by our dental health experts, for most cases of single-tooth implants. On the other hand, we make customized dentures or dental bridges for multiple-tooth implants. Due care is taken by the Confidental doctors to rule out risks of any postoperative complication.

How Long Does The Entire Process Take?

Five to twelve weeks, depending upon: a) the type of dental implant done, and b) the overall oral health of your child. After the operation, we provide dietary advice and general dental healthcare tips, to speed up the recovery process.

For the best pediatric dental implant services in India, book an appointment at Confidental. We value your child's smile as much as you do - and that's precisely why we make sure that it remains bright, charming and confident...always!

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