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Gum Treatment

Weak gums are the precursor of all types of dental damage. A healthy gum structure not only ensures bright, beautiful smiles - it also minimizes the chance of premature tooth losses. What's more, intermittent gum bleeding and/or swollen gums are acutely painful and unpleasant to look at as well. The answer to this very common dental problem in kids? A couple of visits to Confidental - the top teeth and gum treatment center in India.

Which Gum Diseases Require Professional Treatment?

While a small pimple on the gum can get cured on its own, there are several other types of gum diseases which require treatment by professional dentists. We regularly treat cases of:

1. Bleeding gums (blood generally oozes out during flossing or brushing).

2. Abnormal looseness of teeth (due to weak gums).

3. Painful mouth ulcers and sores.

4. Gum inflammation.

5. Excessively sensitive gums.

6. Acute bad breath, from infected gums.

7. Dental plaques and tartars.

8. Receding gums.

The terms 'gingivitis' and 'periodontitis' are often used synonymously. That is a mistake, for while the former refers to gum diseases at an early stage, the latter refers to more serious gum and tooth problems. If you suspect that your child has developed gingivitis, it is advisable to get in touch with a reliable dentist in India at the earliest.

Key Objective Of Gum Treatments

For all types of gum treatment procedures carried out at Confidental, the goal is the same: complete removal of all the bacterial infections causing the problems. When you avail the services of our pediatric dentists, you can rest assured that gum-related issues will not make an unwelcome return. Confidental believes in providing complete oral relief!

Is Surgery Necessary For Gum Treatment?

Not always. The dental surgeons in Confidental are proficient in two alternative types of non-surgical treatment of gum problems:

Root Planing

In most cases of plaque and tartar-accumulation, a full root planing (generally with scaling) does the trick. We have qualified anaesthetists in charge, who apply local anesthesia to the gums, before the start of the procedure. All rough edges and spots at the point of attachment of the teeth and the gums are thoroughly cleaned out. This, in effect, drives away dental bacteria. Dental scaling involves scraping away the accumulated plaque from the teeth.

General oral cleaning

If you believe in that old adage 'prevention is better than cure', this is the best form of gum treatment for you and your child. No complicated operations are involved, and the consultant dental health care expert would manually wash off the plaque and tartar accumulated on the teeth. We strongly advise you to bring your kid for teeth and gum cleaning 2-3 times a year at our clinic.

Surgical Gum Treatment Methods

More serious forms of gum problems require surgical procedures. At Confidental, our pediatric dentists regularly perform as many as five different types of gum treatment operations. These are:

Soft Tissue Grafting - This form of surgery is conducted when the receded/infected gums have to be reinforced. The grafted tissue is securely stitched to the affected area of the gums.

Flap Surgery - Alternatively known as Pocket Reduction surgery, this gum treatment operation is all about lessening the space between the gums and the tooth (which, in turn, means that there would be less space for bacteria to accumulate). At our dental laboratory, our surgeons use sterilized equipments to lift up the gums, and clean the tartar from underneath.

Dental bone surgery - Gum diseases, if neglected for long, can cause moderate to heavy bone loss. That leads to the formation of (relatively shallow) craters in the gum - and a bone surgery is the only way to get rid of the problem. We generally perform bone surgery (if required) after a flap surgery.

Bone grafting - This is another, and relatively less complex, method to combat bone loss due to gum problems. The grafted bone (from donated natural sources or artificial) serves as a solid foundation on which the teeth can develop. There remains a risk of infections in this procedure, but we are alert to that!

Tissue engineering/regeneration - If our dental x-rays confirm that nearly all of the bone and tissue have been eaten away, this becomes the only surgical solution to fall back on. Tissue engineering is a relatively new, and completely safe method, to speed up the process of bone and tissue regeneration.

Note: The surgical setup and facilities at Confidental are at par with world-class dental treatment standards. Every oral surgery procedure conducted at our clinic is recognized and approved by international bodies.

Do not make your cute little child perpetually place one hand on his/her cheek due to aching/swollen/bleeding gums. Book an appointment at Confidental, and get the best gum treatment services in town for your kid.

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