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Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers feature among the most problematic oral problems, for kids and grown-ups alike. Not only are such raw sores in the inside of the cheek/lip acutely painful, they look gross as well - and chewing food normally becomes a near-impossible task. Thankfully, most types of mouth ulcers heal on their own, within a few days (generally with over-the-counter medications). However, if your kid's mouth ulcer persists, you need to consult a good oral treatment center in Kolkata as soon as possible.

Types Of Mouth Ulcers Treated At Confidental

Apart from relatively minor mouth ulcers (which take around 10-12 days to get cured), our oral healthcare specialists treat two other, more serious types:

Major ulcers - If neglected for long, these ulcers might leave a permanent scar in your child's mouth. We classify those ulcers as 'major', which have irregular borders, and are relatively deep.

Herpetiform ulcers - These sprout in the form of a cluster of pinheads. The individual sores are small in size, but the overall affected area is typically large. Such ulcers generally heighten gum and jaw sensitivity too.

Principal Causes Of Mouth Ulcers

According to pediatric dentistry research studies, oral ulcers can be caused due to a multitude of reasons. At our teeth and gum care clinic, we have treated kids with mouth ulcers caused by:

  • Acute deficiency of iron and/or Vitamin B12.
  • Digestive problems (generally, inflammations in the digestive system).
  • Mouth rashes.
  • Damaged immune system.
  • Cold sores/Herpes.

At Confidental, adults suffering from painful mouth ulcers are treated as well. From our observations and dental x-ray reports, the following causes have been found to be most common:

  • Over-addiction to chocolate, caffeine, and/or certain fruits.
  • Sudden withdrawal of smoking habits.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Using toothpastes that contain liberal amounts of sodium lauryl sulphate.

Please note that mouth ulcers can be early symptoms of oral cancer. Never neglect ulcers that do not go away within a week or so. Book an appointment at Confidental, and get the sore(s) treated, quickly and completely.

Treatment Of Mouth Ulcers At Confidental

Mouth ulcers are one of those oral ailments which, although problematic, do not require any surgical corrective procedure. Our in-house pediatric dental surgeons in Kolkata prescribe corticosteroid ointments, antibacterial mouth rinses and other prescription drugs to tackle this type of problems. You should not, however, take any OTC medication for mouth ulcers, without informing us from beforehand.

Which Type Of Painkillers Actually Help In Removal Of Mouth Ulcers?

Along with the mouthwashes and ointments, the mouth ulcer treatment services of Confidental involves prescribing painkillers that have benzydamine. Depending on your requirement, either sprays or gels will be recommended. Painkillers in spray form have to be applied directly on the ulcer. Our specialists advise having medically approved lozenges as well.

Note: Except for very rare cases (i.e., extremely painful ulcers, local anesthetics are not needed to treat mouth ulcers).

Recurrence Of Mouth Ulcers

Sadly enough, even the best dental surgeon in India cannot guarantee that mouth ulcers will not make a return. At Confidental, we do the next best thing. After your kid's ulcer has healed, we organize one-on-one dental consultation sessions in Kolkata - where tips and advice to minimize the probability of mouth ulcer recurrence are shared. These include dietary advice too.

  • Get soft-bristled toothbrushes for your child.
  • Make sure (s)he brushes and flosses twice daily (i.e., after every meal).
  • Do not let him/her have too much of spicy foods, or items that have acidic content.
  • Ensure that your kid does not have gum chewing habits. That can lead to sores and other gum diseases.

Leading dental hospitals across India recommend using mouthwashes with chlorhexidine gluconate to treat mouth ulcers in babies under two years of age. If you have a toddler suffering from the same oral problem, keep this in mind.

If your child's mouth ulcer does not go away after a couple of weeks (maximum), book an appointment in Kolkata at Confidental Care. Why settle for dubious medications - when the best pediatric dentistry treatment is only a phone call away?

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